Wednesday, May 7, 2008

anggunku kini membesar...

hello there, not sure how many of u have read my blog on regards my baby, but i will keep writing about her.. after nearly 5months raising her and keep feeding her, berat badannya sudah mencecah 5kg, alhamdullilah... thanks alot to Allah SWT. she started to smile. every morning when i woke up, she will give me her first smile ever, and my life feel ssooooo exteremely good. nuthing will make me feel so complete but her smile. Anggun has begun to immitate me while im talking. see.. sape cakap anak tak cukup bulan ni lambat?... thats all bullshit. but of course, u have to work harder. i started to buy her all sorts of toys although some ppl cakap its membazir cz shes a premature, but i just dunt care. one thing for sure, for mummies yang ada anak prem, jgn layan dia mcm budak prem, just treat her like normal regardless her size, her weight etc..

if u notice the last pix that ive put when my lovely husband, ash kissed my anggun when she was still at the hospital, u cann see how small she was rite, but now check this out.. huhuhu.. ----- >
shes the queen of my heart. she makes me wants to come back home as soon as i finished my works... she pour me with all blesses from Allah SWT.
owh ya.. speaking about this blessing, rite after i celebrate my 24th bday, with my anggun beside me, i got an offer to act for a drama, and i lead that drama, wuhuuu.. never thought of acting as part of my thingy after delivere, tp rezeki Allah.. ive been doing all sorts of productions job before way before i kahwin, try jugak nak masuk line2 berlakon, tapi agak susah nak sangkut. so after bersalin, ive told my husband that i would just concentrate with hosting jer lah.. lagipun mana ada org nak amik mak org berlakon rite.. kalau ada pun susah lah..
but entah cane, i got this job.. hmmm.. alhamdullilahh..
tapi dalam pada bersuka ria dapat rezeki lebih, ada jugak dugaanNya. i dont have that much of time to spend with my anggun anymore. my time is very limited. fortunately i ada bibik yang boleh ahrap. but still, i tak boleh nak serah 100% to her.
oppss.. got ta go jap..
will write back..


nurbayamira said...

dik irah....
congratulation.finally u become a great mother to Anggun...keep work hard..when tired, always remember this "apabila semalaman ibu tidak tidur dan memelihara anaknya yang sakit, maka Allah memberinya pahala seperti memerdekakan 70 hamba dengan ikhlas untuk membela agama Allah".....
tcare....n i love to read all ur stuff gurl....keep it up!

Riz Ainuddin said...

anggun. nice name. don't think i've asked you her name. she looks like you alright.

aysaysdamha said...

omg,anggun comel gilaa..u should be proud(:(:
n i bet,when she grow up.shes gonna be as hottt as her mummy!!!

dira abu zahar said...

thanx kak.. really didnt expect that there are ppl would read this about my Anggun.wuhuu..

n thanx for you tips jugak. nuthing is great than just being a great momy..