Monday, August 30, 2010

Just the right time..

Don't call me that woman,
If u don't know that i'm still that little girl.

Don't call me the materials,
When u don't know that i own everything.

Don't call me the ' miss whateva',
If u never read anything about me yet.

Don't try to correct me,
When u don't even know what u just did.

Don't try to buy me,
If u can't even pay for your own bills.

Don't call me bitch,
If u don't know that i am the real slut!

So DON'T! until the right time is here..!


lindaoff said...

Belum "masa"nya...

Salmiza said...

dah lama x jenguk sini..


saya suka entri ni..

Anonymous said...

sis Dira~
boleh x i nk copy u punya post ni..
thanx anyway~