Tuesday, June 3, 2008

hmmm.. acting?..

wallah.. i know i know, some of mite think that im a bit too obsess on my Anggun. hahaha.. of course, who doesnt rite. tell me im correct if u have ur own kids nanti.. hahahah. anyway, ok then, about me rite now, after i got my Anggun, i thot i would only concentrate with my business, or probably would only do my hosting, if im too addicted to be on camera.and sooo i dont do anything to push myself to be on tv. but Allah SWT had done His work, to make sure my working fate is in production line jugak. so what He did, He opened one of the PM's heart, to call me and offer me to act in his drama.. i thot ok lah, why not, just give a shot lar kan. and i thot it was just a supporting act. tub - tub, i have to lead the drama.. perrrrhhh.. mampos!..
then i think, ok lar. lepas gian kan. why not. ingat sekali ni jelah.. aleh aleh, ada lagi, ada lagi dan ada lagi.. fuuhhh..! hell im sooo tired. now basically, my life is all about being on camera other my Anggun.. hihih.. here are some of the pictures during my currently rolling drama, entitled, DELIMA. im the DELIMA.. means what?.. i lead lar the drama. before this i had done this Cinta TAnpa Suara, sparring with Fezrul Khan, but sorry, no pix available as i didnt bring my camera at all thruout the whole process of shooting. mengong kan.. so for this one, my sparring is Ezany.

i tried to snap as many pix as i could lar kan.. kalau Cinta Tanpa Suara, my mother was kak Seha, for this one, Kak Chik, or her name is Fadillah Mansor is my mom ( she was also mak Natasha,mak Bella).. i feel good cz all my sparrings are mostly orang lama. feels soo good to work with ppl yang dah lama.. macam kak liza Abdullah, Kak Noniswara.. owh ya, before i go any further, the director for DELIMA is abg Jamal Khan.. and it is produced by AMC (Asia Media Content
<----this is the DELIMA's team.. i have ssoooo much fun with them!

haaa.. thats kak liza on my right and next to her Kak Chik --------->
cool kan dpt kerja dgn org yang dah lama mcm diorg.. hahaah i dont know bout u guys, but for me, as orang baru, i feel gooooddd!!
hows the story..?.. hmmm let me think, nak bagi tahu ke tak..... hahahaha.. ok lar. its like this, myself as DELIMA, is a buta girl, my actual mother is Kak Liza, masa she gave me birth, rite after bersalin, she was kinda like unconscious, so the bidan whichis Kak Cik, tlg lar sambut.. after dah setle, they realized the baby, which is me, was dead.. so kwn Kak liza, Kak Nonis, was there at time Kak Liza bersalin, told mak bidan that she has to do something to avoid from Zakiah (kak liza) knew that her baby is actually dead, bcz thats her only hope after her husband's death. happend to be before Rahimah (Kak Chik) sambut Zakiah's delivery, there was another woman who died after gave birth to a twin. Rahimah was soo desperate to help Kamariah (noniswara) to cover all this from Zakiah's knowledge, Rahimah took one the twin, a boy one, and switch it with Zakiah's dead's baby. ok, setle lar kan. Rahimah brought the baby back home to kebumikan, and that when she found out that the baby, which was forst tho was dead, is actually still alive. she couldnt do anything to reverse things t=back, so she just keep the baby, and then..... you guys have to watch out for the drama. hahahahahaha..
iallah it'll be aired on Astro RIa or PRima somewhere July or August.. ntah lar.. takde TX date lar.
but anywhere, thats all for today. nanti i'll put up more pix, gota go lar. its getting really late. nak balik see my Anggun.. wuuhuhuhuhu!!!!

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