Thursday, June 12, 2008

hell its fun lar shooting!!!

at last, i got time to update my blog.. wuhuu..! .. n ya, im still kinda bz with shooting. n ya, it is still for the same drama.iallah we'll finish it by july. owh ya, we got the TX date, if takde aral, it'll be out in astro prima on the 1st of august.. time?. Allah, tak tanya plak saya..
but anyway, the shooting days went on like usual. presure, tension, hard work etc still on my head. getting up early in the morning, and be back home as late as it can be. thats how it is, a lifestyle in production. tu lah, mak apak hantar pi belajar tinggi suruh kerja gomen, nak jugak buat kerja tak berfaedah ni... hahahah.. hei, ada yang best lar, u got to travel and see lots more other things than ppl who work in the office tau...
mcm yang this one time the location kat area hulu langat, apa namanya.. yang i tahu ada mcm kawasan boleh lepak mcm alal2 chalet camtu.. thats jobot in my right and riz, (my abang in this) on my left.. we got to go and see places that weve never been and speak to the ppl that we never expect we would speak to.. syok what..kalau kerja opis, we would only talk and see and seat on the same place, same ppl and same situation, everyday.. BORING!!!

n ya seeing a lot more different things mcm ni, this thing call steadicam.. hmm, selama yang diketahui oleh diri ini yang tak lar berapa lama dlm industri ini, we only use normal camera yang dipacak dan di set lightnya, tapi for this one secen, when Delima dah celik, on the day that Delima mula2 first time nak nampak.. they used this camera call setadicam. ive never seen it before. cool siot.. biasanya kene jalan 1 scene at a time, tapi with this, we can jalan terus 5 6 scenes at one time. perghh.. kalau dari mula diorang pakai steadicam ni, mesti dah nak siap dah kan.. hahahaha.. tapi nak sewa mahal dowh.. satu hari tu beribu jugak lar yang saya dengar...

only during shooting that u would have chance to do something that uve never done, such as crying like hell.. wuhu.. .. in this Delima, there were few times i had to cry.. but the most major time was when i find out that i am actually anak pada Zakiah.. and only i find out that me and Harris (Ezany) is not adik beradik.. hmm.. it was thrilled to make this scene cz it was a long and most emotional scene in this throut the drama..

hmm.. banyak lagi sebenarnya yang best pasal production, but of course, banyak jugak yang tak bestnya mcm yang paling penting, my timing and schedule is being devoted to the Production MAnager to handle it. so kalau nak kuar ke nak plan anything with family, i kene mintak permission dengan diorang dulu whether i can or i cant.. but its fun at the end of everyday after shoot.. :)

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