Tuesday, October 21, 2008


hei... haha.. lama dah tak dengar cerita. been bz jugak lately ni. dgn anak yang semakin membesar dan dah pandai demand, ive to leave office early,rushing back from my locations, running late for every appointment. arrgh.. stress!!.. but im doing good and fine and great..
whats latest about me?. nothing much, and ya, still doing fine in this production line. now still shooting for this drama, under NSK, title 2 x aku mencintaimu. this time around, im just the supporting je. tak larat nak lead ( ada ke diorg offer?.. hahaha). but anyway, im fine with it for at least, i have more time to lepak with my Anggun. owh ya, shes grown up.shes a girl now, no more baby.. getting prettier and smarter every day. damn lah, im using my desktop ni, so all my pictures still dalam my laptop. will upload later k.
so since not much on shooting, other than this drama, and one a week shoot for Jom Ronda bersama Proton, im writing a story.. xtahu lah jadi ke tak my impian utk menjadikan my writing ni pegi ke layar perak or kaca tv, but who cares.. tulis je lah.. and at the same time, im gona do AD.. hahaha.. behind the camera lagi syok lah... ! nnt dah ada story will tell you k.
hmm.. still bz with my events company.. aarghh. so many things with soo litle time.
ehh, gota run for an appointment..
write later...

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erin said...

salam..great life..will u continue writng about u n family? minat kak since merah puteh..cool, mcm rmaja lg. godluck