Tuesday, November 11, 2008

whats next ?

heyya... la la la la..
im back on action, seriously.. haha.. must be thinking all these while me pegi mana?.. buat kerja like normal, but this time back on action yang agak full time. after delima, i did few jobs but most of it, meonly as supporting or tak pun, guest artist.. macam utk kekasihku seru, i did for episod 10, then for renjis2, guest artist utk ep 2, and for NSK,supporting for the heroin.. and ya.. i did hosting for season 1 program jom ronda bersama proton.. kenapa tak sambung season 2?.. hmm.. tak nak campur adukkan lah.. scehdule shooting yang agak tidak menentu, agak boleh menyusahkan byk pihak.. and plus, i still have to run my company. fuuhh.. ! workloads haa.. how nice.
so now, latest, im doing rona roni makaroni.. last minute notice from the production, Radius One. why nak buat altho last minute?.. because of the director.. its Ezad bengong!!.. yang direct sindarella, emil emilda, seputeh qaseh ramadhan and so on... and plus, line up yang power.. ada sh amani, bront palare, and wan sharmilla... hmm tough one this time.. much tougher than what i have done before..
hell, its a another experience.. learning a lot much more things than before. how much?.. ntah lar.. no words can describe it but its just too much.. will try to put up some pictures then.. ni baru start, so tak sempat nak amik any pix lol..
how about my anggun.. owh.. she getting more adorabl day by day.. she started to walk.. crawling?. dah habis satu rumah dia tawafkan. sometime, dia hilang je tetiba,. rupa2nya... dah sampai kat dapur.. shes turning into 1 year this coming 20th november.. im rushing everything for her bday included beli rumah and Alhamdullilah, Allah blesses me more with my loan. dah lepas.. its all for her and her adik beradik.. eh knp? dah nak ada adik ke?.. ehh tak.. belum lagi. belum puas manjakan Anggun lagi. yang la ni pun, mcm tak puas lagi dgn dia. actually, i can never get enaf of her.shes my world..will upload her pix jugak nnt k..sekrg tgh kabut dewa2.
so will write ltr aite..
with bless from Allah, life is just soo great.