Tuesday, May 27, 2008

cukur jambul anak ku!!!

haha. funny.. sebab b4 this i was just helping out my adik beradik buatkan preparation utk anak diorg nye majlis cukur jambul, but its MY TURN pulak... wuhu..

last 27th of April, few weeks b4 my father in law pergi Shanghai, we made this majlis for my Anggun, its her Majlis Cukur Jambul and Berendoi. hmm wondering what the heck is all this?.. future young and hot momies.. listen, this is very important ha.. at that time, my Anggun was already 5 months plus - plus. we had it together with my abang's daughter, Latrisya Orkid, as she was only 3 weeks older than my Anggun.. look how preety she is rite now..
the thing started at 10 am, lotsa ppl came to have this majlis berzanji and stuffs, and soooo my prepare ny Anggun nicely. :)

sharp at 11 am, they called us to bring both of the babies to be cukur the jambul. my lovely hubby, Ash, had to bring her first b4 my turn came up later..

then my turn came... ingat senang, tapi bila dah go thru myslef, damn, it was kinda hard jugak lah.. nak arrange timing during everytime orang nak cukur jambul anak kita..

but i find it very fun and enjoyable cz its all about her.. you know this thing that u have when everyone is looking at your cute anak.. hmm seronok sangat. its my Anggun day!
after all that done, my mak buat this majlis berendoi.. its this thing when a group of ppl, i mean orang tua yang pandai jugak lah, akan bersyair nasihat untuk anak while the my Anggun dok dlm buaian. hmm.. that was her first time ever dok kat dalam buaian.. mcm syok jer dia.. hahaha.. i bet mesti ramai tak sure ape ke mende nye majlis berendoi, but if any of you ppl know it, better buat utk anak kita, tak salah.. its fun cz u can see these ppl seems to care about anak kita..

hmm.. the day went excellent.. weh had fun to see our daughter had fun too.. despite both of us punye workloads and timing yang sangat limited, we manage to catch a day for our Anggun.. ffuuhh, lega rasanya..
ok, thats it for now.. so for newly parents, please do this if u can, cz its for ur anak.. they deserve to go thru this great moment in their life.
jgn sebb kita fikir ianya tak penting and mengarut ounye adat, they are the one yang akan missed all this..
well, i allah my next article will be about stg else. hmm.. wait arr..


Sabrina Vee Zalani said...
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Anonymous said...

Dira,your Anggun dah kene sunat blum?