Thursday, January 24, 2008

tengku anggun deandra

tengku anggun deandra, a major gift from Allah SWT, tramendously most wonderful gift i ever got. Thank You Allah.. She was born on 20th Nov 2007, at Pantai Ayer Keroh, Melaka, on the dote at 6.41am, rite after Subuh. This is not just another gift from Him, but its totally different from what ive got all these before.

What im gona write here about her, for sure not a same maternity story. this is 100%depart from what u may think. My Anggun was born at 30th week, n yup.. she is premature baby. born at 1.08kg, she survive till now.. :)
ya.. small, but tough. trust me, shes not like any other prem baby. walaupun, kecil, tapi i can see her spirit will is soooo strong from the very first moment i saw her in ICU ward. ya.. she stayed there for about 7days. with all sorts of wires and tubes attached on her, she still can give smiley face.. Ya Allah, ini betul betul menunjukkan KuasaMu.. although strugling, but shes a happy baby. i delivered her thru normal. thank you my anggun. i know she knew her mom yang sangat takutkan pisau dan jarum melekat dibadan mummy. :)

my husband, Ash, she was still in shock during his first few hours of turning into a Daddy. mestilah, everybody would feel the same. frankly, both of us didnt expect that we gona see her this soon. she was only 7month in my pregnancy calendar. shopping barang dia pun tak habis beli lagi. i had a leakage on my waterbag. after 7 days of trying to keep her dalam perut, she decide to keluar and see the world. shes a fast 1.. hmm.. veerrryy fast one. masa dalam labour room, when ash arrived, i was struggling tried to tahan with all sakit. hows the pain?.. mcm kene period pain, tapi major one. for those yg dah biasa kene period pain yg teruk, this is nothing for u. but for me, agak terkejut urat tengkuk cz im not the type yang sakit teruk during my period.

i remember the first thing he said to me.. 'sayang, anggun kita nak keluar relax and we wait for the moment together k..' God, when i hear Anggun's name, i smiled to him. hanya itu sahaja yang boleh membuatkan sakit yang tak terhingga ini, jadi lega..but from my experience, all the wives out there, if possible, mintak maaf from ur husband, tak kira u jenis yang melawan or not. cz masa tu, hanya kemaafan dari suami kita dan kejujuran kita sbg isteri yang boleh mengurangkan sakit bersalin.. at times of delivering, i remeber what ive done to my mak. Ya Allah, baru sekrg aku tahu, ini lah sakit yang ibuku tempuh utk melahirkan aku dulu.. segala yang jahat perilakuku, terbayang di kepala. hanya ampun dan maaf yang mampu saya ucapkan pada mak. setelah habis segala doa dan keringat, hanya 3 jam selepas itu, my life changed a lot.. A TOTAL CHANGES. .. :)

its late now.. gota lepak with my anggun. will write again on how to take care of a premature baby..

any mummy to be, would read this, jangan risau. tiada sakit yang tiada sembuhnya.. dan utk sakit bersalin, anak adalah pengubatnya, dan suami adalah penahan sakit..trus me..


ibunya si luqman hakim said...

rupa2nya nama anggun dalam cita merah putih tu sempena nama baby girl dira lah ye... it suit u.. u pun memang anggun. really love ur acting, ur expression, ur style, ur smile.. i watched merah putih twice a day (through tv3-4.30pm and tv9-8.30pm)

bila dah abis cita tu, raasa kosong aje.. apapun, u memang boleh pergi jauh lah dira.. i memang support u.

Anonymous said...

dira is related to fiona yah?

nice baby's name